Seo Predictions in 2017

Nagaseo – Internet make tremendous changes in the way we live life the last few years, from the way we share on social media to the way we buy and sell products, there are things that can not be separated from an online marketing is SEO or Search Engine Optimization in her English language, nagaseo had also discussed what it was before his seo article.

Seo is a funny thing, some people like it and others feel that seo is a curse in the online world. Seo can make the business develop rapidly or even destroy a business online if you can not take advantage of it.

Talking about SEO then afdol if not discuss Algorithms search engines, especially Google, over the past few years Google continues to make changes to its search algorithm and make repairs, but the change is a good thing, google aware to appreciate great content, Google wants to make search happy, and they certainly do not want you (or me) on the move using another search engine, Google talk algorithm in 2015, any significant changes and how we as a web master its face, this prediction in 2015 seo.

Social networking media to be king
2017 Google enter one of the points into its algorithm changes, calculate social media as one of the factors in determining the results in search engines, social media next year will be an important point that must be considered to develop an online marketing strategy.

Quality content
Google has declared war on the spamer and spun content a year before her and by 2017 this Google managed to create an algorithm that is able to stop the activities of the “dark”, it seems his Google will succeed in making a website rated from sis-quality content.

Mobile platform intensified
The number of users of mobile platforms has increased quite significantly from year to year, this led to traffic desktop traffic will be overtaken by the mobile platform in the year 2017, although there are still many who ignore the mobile platform.

You are ready with the changing algorithms of the search engine in the world “GOOGLE” ???